Thanks to our background in the wood industry, as well as our unique experience and access to laser cutting-edge technology, we are able to produce even the most complicated wooden meeple shapes.
As each meeple can be custom, different, personalized and adapted to YOUR game, we do not offer a catalogue of ready-made figures.
Just design your own meeple and send it to us - we will help you turn it into reality!

  • Custom
  • Time
  • Color
  • Engraver
custom meeple dragon red stack


We are prepared for both large and small orders.
If you need prototypes, do not hesitate to contact us.
We can still create them for a good price.

custom meeple showing the scale small and big meeple on a coin background


Tiny elements and king-size meeples are no longer a challenge for us.
Just ask!

custom meeple three shepherd wizard yellow blue red


In case of large quantities there is a possibility of ordering RAL colors.
In case of samples, please ask for available paints.

custom meeple a engraver yellow tank in the dark group


We also offer a possibility to engrave lines in the characters in order to personalize them and make them unique.

Sample pictures

meeple yellow and dark bus with engraver
meeple yellow and gray sack money
custom meeple black blue red green yellow

meeple changeable heads head change transformation
meeple butterfly with blue engraver
meeple different colored rockets

meeple fiat 500 blue with engraver
meeple big red knight's castle
meeple pastors yellow wizard shepherd magician

meeple gray wolf token
meeple christmas balls tree santa claus
meeple dark small anchors

meeple blue rhino with engraved
wooden dice engraver
meeple blue man with engraver human figure

meeple ninja red woman fight blue man with engraver
meeple Red Dragon
meeple dark padlock with gray key

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    Zdrojowa 98
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